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Reference: SS500R2

Brand: Magneti Marelli

Magneti Marelli SS500R2 Bombardone 2.0 595 Abarth

(5/5) on 11 rating(s)

Magneti Marelli SS500R2 Bombardone 2.0

595 Abarth 1.4 T


++ Looking for a sport exhaust at a lower price, better quality and excellent performance?

Price €416.96 Regular price €556.32
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Reference: Black Tiger

Brand: Blackit

Black Tiger 500 Abarth 1.4 T

(4,5/5) on 11 rating(s)

Black Tiger

500 Abarth 1.4 T - All models from 2008 onwards

Sport Exhaust System Black Tiger



Price €279.00 Regular price €395.74
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Reference: 01330-01

Brand: Ohlins

Suspension Oil 01330-01

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)

Suspension Oil Ohlins
Viscosity: 20.04 cSt at 40°C

Price €28.00 Regular price €31.11
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By léo L. (GUINGAMP, France) on 30 Apr. 2024 :

Product rated : Magneti Marelli Parco Chiuso 2.0 Alfa Romeo Mito Je connais déjà le produit, bonne qualité et prix compétitif !

By Gianluca S. (Hamm , Westf, Germany) on 27 Feb. 2024 :

Product rated : GPR Kawasaki Z 650 RS - ZR 650 RS Ann. 2021/2022 E5.CO.K.161.2.CAT.DE Ottima comunicazione, sono stati disponibili dall'inizio alla fine Prodotto di qualità come da descrizione. Molto consigliato .

By Jordan I. (Le Teil , France) on 18 Feb. 2024 :

Product rated : Bull Bar Citroën Jumpy Misutonida Commande faite en juin 2023, je n’ai jamais réceptionné le colis malgré qu’il soit inscrit comme livré contre une signature (qui n’est pas la mienne). Problème de livreur mais malgré mes nombreuses relances avec preuves à l’appuie et demande de...

By Scimia F. (Schifflange , Luxemburg) on 15 Feb. 2024 :

Product rated : Bull Bar Suzuki Jimny Misutonida livraison rapide colis bien emballé

By Davide D. (Coazze, Italy) on 01 Feb. 2024 :

Product rated : Scalvini Racing HM 125 Derapage/Six/Baja 002.084314 Ottimo prodotto, soddisfatto.
Brake Hoses
Brake Hoses

Brake Hoses

When it comes to brake system performance and safety, brake hoses play a crucial role. HEL brake lines offer a high-quality option for driving enthusiasts who want to maximise the efficiency of their braking system.

HEL brake lines are designed to provide superior braking performance. Made from high-quality materials such as braided stainless steel, these hoses offer increased pressure resistance and reduced expansion under load. This results in more immediate brake pedal response and improved braking modulation, allowing for precise and responsive vehicle control.

HEL brake hoses offer increased safety during braking. The reduced expansion of the brake lines eliminates the so-called 'spongy effect', which can occur with original rubber brake lines. This spongy effect can compromise braking precision and power, but with HEL brake hoses, braking becomes more direct, constant and reliable, improving safety on the road.

HEL brake hoses are designed to resist wear and corrosion. Thanks to their braided stainless steel coating, these hoses offer greater durability than conventional rubber brake hoses. They are able to withstand the thermal and mechanical stresses of the brake system, maintaining performance over time.

HEL brake hoses are designed for easy installation. They come with all the necessary accessories and instructions for simple, straightforward installation. Thanks to their vehicle-specific design, they fit perfectly into the existing brake system, making installation a smooth process.

HEL brake hoses are available for a wide range of vehicles and offer customisation options. You can select the length, colour and other details to suit your specific style and needs.

We advise all our customers to contact us in advance to be informed about production and delivery times.
Product photos and HEL's technical drawings, if available, are shown within each product sheet.
To check the compatibility of HEL brake hoses with your specific car, it is always advisable to consult the manufacturer's official website, browse through the categories on our website or contact customer service for up-to-date information.

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